R I C K   J A Y M E

Your Exclusive Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Build Muscle, Lose Weight and GET FIT!

Get one-on-one Exclusive Personal Training! It doesn't matter what your level of ability is, an individualized workout plan will be created to help you achieve your goals! A consultation is included as part of your initial purchase in order to determine your needs.

or PAY-AS-YOU-GO for $75* per Session:

3 sessions: Only $199.99*
6 sessions: Only $299.99*
12 sessions: ONLY $449.99*
24 sessions: ONLY $649.99*
F-13 CHALLENGE (36 sessions): ONLY $899.99*
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Get support and motivation from a family member, co-worker, best friend etc! Couple or duo rates welcomed. Find one other person with similar goals and schedules, split the cost however you want to, and now you have a more affordable way to have a Personal Trainer help you achieve your goals!


3 sessions: Only $299.99*
6 sessions: Only $449.99*
12 sessions: ONLY $699.99*
24 sessions: ONLY $1099.99*
36 sessions: Now ONLY $1499.99*
* All Personal Training Session Rates are Subject to HST (13%)